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The Chief Bridesmaid (or Maid of Honour / Matron of Honour, call it what you like) is the Bride’s rock – Ms. Dependable who always knows what to do in a crisis.

First up, if you have been lucky enough to be chosen as a Chief Bridesmaid, then congratulations, you are obviously doing something right! But whilst it may be both an honour and a privilege to have been chosen, the task ahead is by no means a stroll down a country lane.

As with all members of the wedding party, there are duties that need to be picked up and the Chief Bridesmaid definitely gets her fair share.

From the moment the wedding is announced, right through to the big day itself, there is plenty to keep the Chief Bridesmaid occupied, and depending upon the preferences of the Bride and Groom, these could range from the traditional Maid of Honour tasks, right through to a wide and eclectic range of duties to perform.

Whatever Chief Bridesmaid duties are allocated, you/she should be happy and willing to oblige with all of them.

Be a shoulder to cry on for when the Bride’s down, an expert listener for when she has a lot to get off her chest and a stand-up comic when she just needs a good old laugh!

Attend all relevant dress fittings and ensuring that all the other Bridesmaids do likewise.

Attend any Wedding rehearsals and making sure that the other Bridesmaids do likewise.

Help the Bride to get dressed on the day of the wedding.

Make sure all Bridesmaids are ready in good time with hair and make-up sorted and dresses in place. You should also ensure that each Bridesmaid has the correct bouquet and that none of them get in the way of the Brides preparations.

Travel to the wedding ceremony venue with the other Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride.

Assist the Bride out of the vehicle she has travelled in to the ceremony and help her with any last minute adjustments to the dress and veil.

Hold the Bride’s bouquet during the wedding service.

Accompany the Best Man (on his left hand side) as you depart the wedding ceremony.

Stand in the receiving Line to greet the guests.

Dance with the Best Man as part of the first dance.