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Here are some useful tips and advice before you engage the services of a photographer for your wedding day celebrations.

Have a budget

I know this sounds obvious but it’s really important to finalise your budget before searching for photographers. There are many couples who search for wedding photographers without knowing their budget. There’s a great photographer out there for everyone’s price range, so it’s important that you know what you can afford and stick to it.

Ask to see a portfolio

If you are interested in a specific photographer, ask them if they have any work that is not on their website. You want to make sure you are choosing the right photographer for you, any photographer will be happy to show you the rest of their work – not just photographs they have purposely selected for their website.

Also don’t be afraid to ask about their experience and if they have worked at your chosen venue previously.

Meet your photographer

Most photographers offer a pre-wedding consultation or engagement shoot. If you are given the opportunity to meet the photographer before the big day, I recommend you take the chance.

Your photographer will be with you all day – from the preparations to the first dance – so it’s important you feel you can have fun with them and be relaxed and comfortable in their company.

Trust your photographer

Trust that your photographer will get the right shots for you on the day. Photographer’s work best when they feel trusted by their clients and consider it important to meet the happy couple prior to the wedding day to build a rapport and gain valuable information to the type of photographs you would like.

Style is everything

Make sure you like your photographer’s style. A lot of people pick their photographer purely on budget but every photographer has their own style. For instance, some photographers primarily shoot in black and white, so don’t expect them to shoot in colour. Most photographers will bend over backwards for their clients but style is something that should be the photographer’s choice.

Group shots

Every wedding has its standard group shots but many photographers will ask their clients for a group shot list before their big day. You know your family better than th do, so if there are any family members you’d like a photo with, suggest this to your photographer beforehand.