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Maybe you have attended a number of weddings so you have a good idea of the entertainment and wedding venue you would like for your wedding. If you have chosen your venue we would recommend visiting it again and try to spend some time with the events manager to understand what they offer and how the venue will work alongside the wedding entertainment you are looking at.

If you haven’t seen a band, disco or other entertainment perform at any of your shortlisted venues, then try and arrange a time to see the room in action. If this is not possible, then be sure to choose somewhere with good space for your guests to socialise, enjoy the entertainment and be seated comfortably. When visiting venues, take it all in – survey the room, how many people will it fit? Is there enough room for dancing? What are the acoustics like in the room? Where is the bar in relation to the performance area?

Small wedding

If you are having a small wedding be sure to not select entertainment that will be overpowering. For example, a band too large for the room may create noise levels that are unbearable and band members will feel hemmed in with little space to move around.

As mentioned already, check dance floor space to ensure it will take your number of guests comfortably as nobody wants to be squashed or knocked over when the dancing gets going. At the same time a dance floor that is too large may still look empty even with all your guests on it!

The ceremony

Research entertainment during the ceremony; the same rules apply, check acoustics. If you have chosen a large church because you have a lot of people, then you can have a full choir which is especially atmospheric in the right setting. See different choirs from traditional to modern and listen to them in the church.

If having a smaller wedding, you can still have dramatic entertainment such as an opera singer, harpist or violinist – each effortlessly sophisticated. In addition, string quartets or pianists create a delightful ambience.

Background music

Wedding receptions can be long so keep guests entertained with different ideas. Do have background music; you may want something extra special. For atmosphere, consider a steel band, jazz band or Rat Pack tribute. You don’t need a large group – a single singer in an area of the room or serenading guests is always a winner. Music should be low enough not to interfere with guests mingling, but loud enough to be appreciated.