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Why should you take out wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is there to provide financial peace of mind for what’s likely to be the most exciting (and often, expensive) day of your life!  With the average wedding still costing more than many people spend on a car (the average wedding in 2011 cost £15,541) you certainly wouldn’t want to leave anything to chance.

Wedding insurance can cover you for things like cancellation of your wedding as a result of illness or perhaps extreme weather, damage to your dress or hired suits, problems with your photographs, public liability claims or failure/bankruptcy of suppliers.

In fact, the top four claims on a wedding insurance policy are for bankruptcy or liquidation of suppliers – hardly surprising given the current economic climate.

How much does wedding insurance cost?

Policies start from under £20 for smaller weddings.  The average cost of a policy in 2011 was £51.55 – similar to the cost of inviting just one more guest.

Don’t let anything ruin your special day

1) Take out a policy as soon as you can.  Whilst the majority of policies cover you for deposits already paid, there are a few that don’t so read the policy wording carefully.  Most policies are valid for up to two years before the big day.

2) Make sure you take out sufficient cover.  We all know that wedding budgets can creep so make sure you have enough cover.  If the worst happens and you have to make a claim, you certainly don’t want to find out that you’re under-insured.

3) Don’t forget that your honeymoon isn’t covered by wedding insurance so you should take out separate travel insurance too.

4) Don’t just compare on price as cover and terms do vary.  All insurers should have their policy wordings prominently available on their website and they should be written in clear English too.  Take the time to see exactly what is and isn’t covered.

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